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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I'm a new moderator in a server - what commands should I know?

The commands you have available to you will depend on how your server is configured, but generally speaking, you will want to be familiar with the below commands. Left-click each command for more details.

  • !ban - Temporarily or permanently bans a user from the server.
  • !unban - Removes a ban from a user in the server, but does not remove the ban from their rapsheet.
  • !mute - Temporarily or permanently voice mutes a user in the server.
  • !unmute - Removes a voice mute from a user in the server, but does not remove the voice mute from their rapsheet.
  • !silence - Temporarily or permanently text mutes a user in the server.
  • !unsilence - Removes a text mute from a user in the server, but does not remove the text mute from their rapsheet.
  • !kick - Kicks a user from the server.
  • !warn - Places a formal warning on a user's rapsheet.
  • !note - Places a note on a user's rapsheet.
  • !cleanup - Clean up recent messages for a specific user within one, multiple, or all channels of the server.
  • !rapsheet - Displays a user's rapsheet.

How do I disable AutoMod notifications in a server?

You can prevent Bernard from sending an embed indicating that AutoMod text filters were violated in a text channel with the !automod notifications off command. This command prevents Bernard from doing this for all filters in all text channels in the server (except for AutoMod notifications configured through the OmniLogs feature.) You can re-enable this behavior with the !automod notifications on command.

When Bernard detects a message in a text channel that violates an active AutoMod text filter, Bernard will take the following actions:

  1. Delete the message that violates the active AutoMod text filter.
  2. Send an embed inside the text channel indicating the AutoMod text filters that were violated, the punishment levied against the user, and a censored version of the message. This is called an AutoMod notification.
  3. Direct message (DM) the author of the violating message with information about their punishment, if possible based on the author's privacy settings.
  4. Punish (warn, kick, ban, etc.) the author of the violating message if the score warrants it.

The !automod notifications off command prevents AutoMod notifications in Step 2 of the above procedure from happening.

Note: Bernard does not currently support disabling notifications on a per-filter basis. This feature will likely be introduced in a future release.

In general, we recommend keeping AutoMod notifications enabled globally. This is especially true if custom AutoMod text filters (a Bernard Premium feature) are configured in your server or if default AutoMod filters that are disabled by default are enabled in your server.

The reason behind this recommendation is to help new members of your server adjust to the community's culture. Think about this from the perspective of somebody who just joined your server. If the user sends a term that is not allowed in the community, the user will see that the message containing the term is deleted. However, they will not see a notification from Bernard indicating that the term violates the AutoMod, and they may not receive a DM from Bernard depending on their privacy settings.

In other words, the user will have no feedback that their user was deleted due to it containing inappropriate content, so they will most likely assume the message disappeared due to an error on Discord's part. They will most likely send the same message a second time, eventually resulting in them being punished (warned, kicked, or banned) simply due to a lack of feedback. The AutoMod notification solves this problem by giving the user some feedback that their message was not appropriate, allowing the user to learn from their mistake and adapt their future behavior.

With that being said, there are some servers with unique community cultures where disabling AutoMod notifications entirely is appropriate. Some communities have users who gain notoriety from saying terms that are inappropriate (but not profane) that are blocked by the AutoMod. These users will say these words and be punished accordingly, but get satisfaction from the community's reaction to the AutoMod notification observed through a second account. If this becomes a problem, disabling AutoMod notifications in the server will prevent these users from gainin notoriety through the AutoMod.