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Welcome to Bernard!

Bernard is an industry-proven moderation platform that enhances the ability for community leaders and moderation teams to administer Discord servers. Bernard empowers server administration by:

  • Leveraging automation to decrease the total work needed to be done by the moderator team.
  • Increasing efficiency of the moderation team by enhancing their ability to make moderation decisions.
  • Promoting and enforcing accountability among the moderation team by tracking moderation decisions.
  • Increasing visibility into the actions of users.

At a high level, Bernard's feature set includes the following:

  • AutoMod - An automatic moderation suite that identifies inappropriate user messages and applies punishment commensurate with the crime.
  • Administrative Commands - A set of easy-to-use commands that allow moderators to punish one or more users.
  • Rapsheets - An at-a-glance overview of recent punishments against a specific user, allowing a moderator to monitor the user's behavior and adapt punishment based on their recent history in the server.
  • Administrative Hierarchy - An administrative chain of command that enforces accountability within the moderation team.
  • Anti-Raid Capabilities - A collection of features that identify malicious server raids and assist the moderation team with raid mitigation.

For information on getting started with setting up Bernard in your server, review the Getting Started section.